Our Philosophy

Welcome to Triangle Dental. At Triangle Dental we like to treat our patients as if they are family. As a patient you will be genuinely cared for and looked after by everyone you meet here. It is our philosophy to provide high quality dentistry in a comfortable and pain-free manner, whilst being in a calm environment. We believe it is worth taking the time and to use the best available technology to make sure that our dental treatment is the best that it can be. Doing so means that more of your natural tooth is preserved and the tooth restorations will last longer before they eventually fail – meaning that you keep your natural teeth for longer. We will take the effort to restore teeth so that they function as well as they can – allowing you to chew your food properly. Chewing is the the first stage in digestion and extracting the nutrients from food – it is important that we can do it well!

Prevention is better than cure

We believe that prevention is better than cure and will work with you to achieve and keep a healthy mouth. We will only recommend treatment that you need and will never encourage you to have inappropriate or unnecessary treatment. For each unique situation in each unique mouth, we will go over the different treatment options available to you, we will make a recommendation on what we believe to be the most suitable treatment option to fix the issue we have found in your mouth, and then we will allow you to be autonomous and we will support you and go ahead with whatever option you choose to go with.

For those patients that are interested, we are also lucky to have a lot of talent within our dentists in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Learn more about prevention using some of our videos – just click here!

Philosophy - Triangle Dental