Gums and Cleaning

We recommend that all adults routinely visit the hygienist at regular intervals to aid in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay.

What can I expect from my visit to the hygienist?

An appointment with one of our hygienists will involve:

  • A scale of your teeth to remove the build-up of hardened plaque or tartar. This cannot be removed with home toothbrushing
  • A clean of the build ups of soft plaque from areas around and in-between your teeth that you cannot see and cannot access
  • A polish to remove surface stains
  • Personalised recommendations on cleaning techniques and give individual feedback on where and how to clean better.

How often should I see the hygienist?

The recommended time you see the hygienist for and number of months in-between hygiene cleans will vary from person to person based on your risk of dental disease.

If you have gum disease or have had gum disease in the past it is best to have more frequent and longer hygienist appointments. For patients with active gum disease we will often recommend deep gum cleaning, where your gums are made numb before a particularly thorough professional clean.

Want that extra clean and fresh feeling after your hygienist visit?

Ask your hygienist to upgrade you to an air polish (fees apply). See here for details.

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