Many people seek our services to transform their smile. We feel rewarded when cosmetic dentistry helps a patient to feel more confident with their smile. Hear from our lovely patient Harri to learn about how her new smile has changed her life.

Q: What was the point when you decided to have dental treatment?

Harri: I have always been self conscious about my teeth. I hated smiling as my teeth were uneven, gappy and discoloured. I had wanted smile makeover for a very long time so when I spoke to a friend, who recommended Jon at Triangle Dental, I felt I had nothing to lose by having an initial consultation. After meeting Jon and seeing how passionate, skilled and caring he was, I decided to go ahead.

Q: Tell me about the initial consultation

Harri: At this first appointment, Jon spent time getting to know me and all the concerns I had with my teeth. He took lots of photos and I told him all of the problems I saw and he highlighted the ones he saw.

He showed me lots of before and after photos of his work on similar teeth to mine and went through all the different approaches to fixing the different problems.

Together we discussed what option would work best for me. As I wanted instant results without the need for any tooth removal, I chose composite bonding with whitening treatment.

Q: What happened next?

Harri: The next appointment involved more photos and planning to design the perfect smile for my teeth. I even got to “trial my smile” by trying on a false set beforehand to make sure they were right.

I then returned for another appointment to kick start the whitening treatment before my final appointment where Jon carried out the composite bonding.

Q: What did you think of the result?

Harri: The results are just, wow. Exactly what I wanted and expected. I now have a whole new look and I am confident to smile. I receive compliments on my teeth daily and I could not be happier.

Q: What would you say to other people considering getting their smile makeover done with Triangle

Harri: Well, it’s a case by case scenario, but if you were in a position like me and felt your smile was holding you back, I would definitely encourage you to just go for it, because it’s given me a new lease of life.

You could not be in better hands than with the dentists at Triangle Dental. The whole experience was brilliant. Jon’s attention to detail and commitment to making sure I was happy was second to none. Every step of the process was clearly communicated and explained, and Jon and the whole team were reassuring and patient throughout.

How to get your Smile Makeover

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