Facial Aesthetics

Maximise the effect of your smile with facial aesthetics

Facial aesthetics are a great complementary treatment to follow any cosmetic dental procedure. Aesthetics can be used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles so that you look younger than before. Your rejuvenated appearance along with your new smile will really boost your confidence and help you feel amazing.

Treatment options

We will assess your skin and listen to your concerns to help you to decide the best treatment for you. Our treatments include:

Anti-wrinkle solutions

We use premium products to relax specific muscles and prevent the skin from creasing. We tend to use these treatments in the upper part of the face to smooth wrinkles such as crow’s feet, frown lines and lines on the forehead. They can also be used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), teeth grinding and clenching.

Dermal fillers

These can add extra volume to areas of lost elasticity. We inject the filler, a clear gel form of hyaluronic acid, to eliminate deeper lines, enhance the shape of your face or plump up and redefine lips. This can be for several areas including lips, cheeks, jawline, chin and much more.

Why Triangle Dental for facial aesthetics?

We know faces

Our dentists are highly knowledgeable about the anatomy of the face and understand how to treat it safely. They have extensive training and intimate knowledge of the muscles, blood vessels, nerves and movements of the – mouth, cheeks and eyes – how they are all linked and how changing one element can affect the movement of another. Furthermore, we are used to looking at people’s faces to observe symmetry and balance creating results that enhance your natural beauty.

Beautiful smiles and faces are our passion

We can offer cosmetic treatment plans that consider the entire face as well as the cosmetics of your teeth making us best placed to help with your concerns and aspirations and leaving you feeling and looking amazing.

Comfort and care

We are experienced in pain management to ensure patient comfort at every appointment with topical anaesthetic available for patients who require it.

Safety first

Cross infection and health and safety can be a concern when choosing a facial aesthetics provider. As a highly regulated industry, we uphold the highest safety standards for all our treatments. You can feel reassured that at our dental practice that you’ll receive strict cross infection control along with the highest levels of clinical professionalism.


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Ready to rediscover your youth?

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