Children’s Preventative Dental Clinic

At Triangle Dental, we believe that prevention of tooth decay and gum disease is better than cure. The earlier we learn how to look after our oral health, the better. When you book an appointment at Triangle Dental, your child will either be seen directly by your dentist or will be booked onto our preventive dental clinic.

At our preventative dental clinic, your child will still have a check-up with the dentist, however, the majority of the appointment will be spent with one of our oral health educators. Here, they will talk to your child about how to clean better using child-friendly methods and props. They will also discuss other important topics such as diet and also give you a free toothbrush, including a practical lesson in how to use it.

When should my child start visiting the dentist?

We recommend that children see the dentist from an early age – when the first teeth start appearing. This can often be as early as 6 months. We find that this practice is very good at promoting familiarisation with being in a dental practice and that children are not scared of the Dentist as they grow up.

How do I register my child at Triangle?

We see children on an NHS basis and it does not cost you anything for their check-ups and treatment.

Currently, our NHS list is full.

Please fill in the form below should you wish to be contacted when we reopen our NHS list.

Contact us on 0118 942 7113 to find out more.

Children and Triangle Dental

Can I join your children’s waiting list?

If our books are currently closed, you can join our waiting list for new child patients. Please fill in the form below to be contacted in the event a space opens up.

Please note: When closed, it may be several months before we can reopen our list. Should you have an emergency in the meantime, please contact our reception team by calling 0118 942 7113.

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