Cosmetic/Invisalign Treatments

Perhaps even more so than with general dentistry, what we can do with cosmetic dentistry and ‘smile design’ has really advanced over recent years. We are lucky at Triangle to have a lot of expertise and talent in this area. We have had very positive feedback from patients after treatment who have a new-found confidence and are proud of their new smiles. Have a look at our photo gallery by clicking here.

Typically our favoured approach to make a smile look great is the A, B, C approach, using a combination of the three following techniques:

  • A – Align (tooth straightening)
  • B – Brighten (tooth whitening)
  • C – Contour (building up the shape of worn or misshapen teeth)

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Additionally we have dentists that are able to offer facial rejuvenation treatments, see below to learn more.

Alignment (Tooth Straightening)

In order to straighten teeth we have various types of aligners and braces available however our most popular method is with Invisalign. We can look at the current position of your teeth and plan and predict where we want the new position of your teeth to be and how this will fit in harmony with your lips and your face. Our dentists have extensive training to look at beyond just straightening the teeth and to plan with you where your teeth should sit within your individual face and smile.

Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth by wearing a series of removable clear plastic ‘aligners’. They are considered to be nearly invisible so people will not notice you are having your teeth straightened. They are removable to allow for normal cleaning and you can take them out for special occasions. Treatment is generally considered to be comfortable and treatment times average around 6-8 months, but can be as little as 2 months or as much as 18 months.

Invisalign is a great technology however it is just a tool for moving teeth and it is important that that tool is used in a considered way to get the best results. All of our Invisalign dentists have had the highest level of Invisalign training which allows us to move all of the teeth in all directions, as well as other further training in smile design and orthodontics.

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Cosmetic Treatments - Tooth Whitening

Brighten (Tooth Whitening)

When provided by your dentist, tooth whitening is a safe and easy way to improve the appearance of your smile. For best results we recommend the use of Enlighten Whitening. Teeth are whitened gradually so you can reach your desired tooth shade and stop whitening when you are happy.

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Contouring, with ‘Composite Bonding’

Worn, small, or misshapen teeth can have a normal shape restored by bonding on tooth-coloured composite filling material. This is most often done to the biting edges of front teeth that have worn down over time to form undesirable jagged edges and unusual angles on the edges of the teeth. The beauty of this technique is that composite material is just added to the edges of the teeth. The teeth do not have to be drilled in order for this to be done. Slightly different shades of tooth coloured composite can be combined in true artistic fashion to make these composite restorations look lifelike and indistinguishable from real tooth.

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This is a technique where the parts of the teeth that are visible in the smile are covered with a dental material to improve the shape and the colour of the teeth. An impressive ‘smile makeover’ can be achieved in a short space of time using veneers. There are two materials that can be used: ceramic or composite:

  • Ceramic veneers – these offer the ultimate aesthetics and modern ceramics are made of a very strong material. A disadvantage of ceramic veneers is that they require some reshaping of the existing tooth. And although recent techniques allow us to only need to remove a very small amount of the tooth surface, we can understand that there is some sacrifice involved – some patients are comfortable with this and some are not.
  • Composite veneers – the advantages of using composite material instead of porcelain are that they can be done without the need for any tooth reshaping; composite is more easily repaired than porcelain, and that the cost of composite veneers is lower than porcelain. Modern composites also look nearly as good as porcelain.

Facial Aesthetics

We offer a range of cosmetic non-surgical facial treatments to help smooth and soften wrinkles for a more youthful look. We can also help to enhance your lips giving that fuller look which will compliment your smile.

The particular areas that we like to treat are:

  • Forehead
  • Eyes
  • Lips and mouth creases
  • Nose to mouth lines
  • Gummy smile

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Air polish

Air polishing is a very efficient technique for removing unsightly surface staining from the teeth. It uses a combination of pressurised air, water, and a special fine powder to gently remove the surface stains. It has the additional benefit of removing harmful plaque so it is good for tooth and gum health as well.